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English Reference for aida (あいだ)

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  1. adverbial noun noun space (between), gap, interval, distance
  2. adverbial noun noun (temporal) time (between), pause, break
  3. adverbial noun noun noun (temporal) span (temporal or spatial), stretch, period (while)
  4. adverbial noun noun relationship (between, among)
  5. members (within, among)
  6. conjunction archaism due to, because of
Example sentences
This is a secret just between you and me, so don't let it slip out
You shall not for nothing as long as I live
Obviously there are many variations between these two extremes
A river runs down through the valley
Don't cross the road while the signal is red
His claim is that there is a close relation between birth order and personality
In general, communication between doctors and their patients is the most important part of medical treatment
Make hay while the sun shines
I was here all the time
This plane flies between Osaka and Hakodate
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