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Youkoso!, We have an extensive Japanese dictionary including audio for pronunciation purposes, example sentences, full conjugation tables and powerful searching that includes de-conjugation. You can search by english, romaji, katakana, hiragana or kanji. Additionally, you will find active JLPT vocabulary lists which is a great way to begin your study. If you wish to learn how to correctly write Kanji we have some great features that animate how each Kanji is written stroke by stroke.

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The site has been upgraded to fix some issues with external login services and some touch devices had trouble interacting with the search controls.

Thanks for your patience!

New Common Loanwords study list

Minasan, konnichiwa.

I have added a new Study list, Common Loan words in Katakana. This is mostly comprised of katakana in the various JLPT levels and some other common katakana.

Loanwords can be learnt very quickly due to their familiarity - this is mostly true for english speakers, but loan words have been borrowed from a number of languages. So hopefully this is another fun way to learn Japanese.


Quiz your study lists and JLPT lists


A new feature has been released - Quizes. When viewing a Study or JLPT list you will see a new button 'Start a Quiz', from here you can select how many words you wish to quiz and what level of detail you want to see. It is only for vocabulary lists at the moment with Kanji quizzing coming soon.

Update: You can now quiz your Kanji lists as well, enjoy!

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