Definition of なんか



Common word
expression, suffix
things like ..., or something like that ...(often derogatory)
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I am not in the least afraid of dogs

I'm far from happy about this situation

I care nothing for the news

We can do without a television, can't we

This work is anything but easy

He is only a baby in my eyes

That's a nice car you're driving

He must have forgotten all about the promise

With it raining like this, we'll never be able to leave

Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange

My aunt treats me as if I were a child

Had I realized what you intended, I wouldn't have agreed

His English has a murky, muddled sound to it, don't you think

Money counts for little

I drank too much and the ground seemed to spin under my feet

He made believe not to be hurt

I'm really out of it today. It must be because of my fever

She said, "It's not funny! How would you like it if someone did that to you - what would you do?

I don't believe you. You're always telling lies

I could not afford to buy a bicycle
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