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English Reference for iwayuru (いわゆる)

pre-noun adjectival usually kana what is called, as it is called, the so-called, so to speak
Example sentences
They are, as it were, victims of the war
The Kawagoe festival float has the shape of what's called a hoko float. It has three, or four, wheels attached
My neighbor is what we call a nosy person
Her notions were what is called advanced
CO2 has a lot to do with the so-called greenhouse effect
He is what you call a fine gentleman
There's also a great deal of so called behind-the-scenes work
Mr Ford is what is called a self-made man
He is what is called a self-made man
There are so-called primitive cultures in the jungles of the Amazon and on the island of New Guinea, and there are so-called advanced cultures in Europe, Asia, and Africa, but the languages of these cultures are all equally advanced and complex
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