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English Reference for yoko (よこ)

  1. noun horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down
  2. side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth
  3. side (of a box, etc.)
  4. beside, aside, next to
  5. unconnected
Example sentences
"Can you cut it like this, please?" "A little shorter in the front and a little longer on the sides, please.
The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters
I put the bag on or beside the chair
Move the knob at the side of the seat forwards, collapse the seat
She put her knitting aside and stood up
If you stack the dishes up by the sink, I'll do them later
He pulled aside to let a truck pass
To calculate the capacity, multiply the length by the width by the depth
As the road was wet, the car must have slipped sideways
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