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English Reference for torakku (トラック)

  1. noun no-adjective truck
  2. track (running, CD, DVD, etc.)
Example sentences
The gate was too narrow for the truck
My dog was run over by a truck. He was not killed, but his foot was badly injured
The truck bumped into a car
A truck was standing in the middle of the road
The truck dumped the sand on the ground
The truck made a sharp turn to the right
By then Tony was in his middle sixties and still able to work hard, but he had a brand-new truck now, a new mower, a lot of other equipment and three people helping him
'Round the corner came a large truck
Trucks came and dumped big stones on the road, then some trucks with little stones, then some trucks with tar and sand, and finally a steam roller came and rolled it all smooth, and the road was done
A dog was run over by a truck
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