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English Reference for toka (とか)

particle conjunction among other things, such things as, or something like that
Example sentences
The Japanese are often criticized for being inward looking and insufficiently international in their outlook
When someone becomes neurotic about pens and paper clips, it's a sure sign they're cracking up
The other day, a water quality inspection was carried out at our house. We had it done by a certain famous company's Environment Analysis Center or some such name
"It's the age of BL!" "bee elu?" "Yup, Boy's Love. Books and such dealing with romance between boys.
I'm a high school graduate so I am that much able to answer high school problems and such
Could it be that her prickly attitude is just because she has period pains? No, couldn't be
I want you to put the magazines, pamphlets and whatnot away
I can't look after my parents and such either
"You know a kid called Megumi Noda, right?" "Noda?" "Makes weird sounds like 'Hagya', 'Fugi'
When I tried to speak to her, I always found myself too shy to do more than stammer or say something stupid
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