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Ichidan-kureru verb (special), transitive verb
to give, to let (one) have(usually kana)(the receiver is the speaker or someone close to the speaker)
See also:あげる
to give(usually kana)(often as くれてやる; shows mild disdain for the receiver)
auxiliary verb, Ichidan-kureru verb (special)
to do for one, to take the trouble to do(usually kana)(after the -te form of a verb)
to do to someone's disadvantage(usually kana)(after the -te form of a verb)

expression, Ichidan-kureru verb (special)
to take out (e.g. garbage), to put out (e.g. dishes on table), to serve (e.g. meal), to get out (e.g. food from cupboard), to submit (e.g. ideas, opinions), to provide for, to pay for, to foot the bill
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