Definition of 済みません (すみません)




expression, interjection
excuse me, pardon me, I'm sorry(usually kana, polite language)(used both to apologize and to get someone's attention)
thank you(usually kana, polite language)
Related Kanji
settle (debt, etc.), relieve (burden), finish, come to an end, excusable, need not
Example sentences(showing 1-20 of 133 results)

I'm sorry that I can't meet you tonight

Excuse me, could you say that again more slowly

Excuse me. May I get through

Sorry? Pardon

Excuse me. May I get by

I'm sorry to bother you

Sorry, I made a mistake

Forgive me for being late

Excuse me for being late

Sorry, I can't accommodate you

I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long

Excuse me, is this seat taken

I'm sorry. Would you mind turning around

Sorry, that was none of my business

I apologize that I'm not able to give a better reference to this work

I'm sorry, I dialed the wrong number

Sorry I'm late for the meeting

I'm sorry, but I think you're mistaken

Sorry I didn't reply sooner
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