Definition of 構いません (かまいません)





no problem, it doesn't matter
Related Kanji
posture, build, pretend
Example sentences(showing 1-20 of 66 results)

Any book will do as long as it is amusing

Any seat will do

It doesn't matter

I don't care whichever you choose

Do you mind my visiting you tomorrow

He asked the men, "Would you share a room?" "Certainly, we will," answered the three men

You can just call me Taro

I'm not worried about the price

I am willing to attend the meeting

I don't care what will become of me

If you wish, you may pick them up, or we would be glad to send them back to you

I don't mind your staying here

I don't mind even if she doesn't come

Do you mind my sitting next to you

I don't care whether he'll lend it to me or not

That sounds good to me

I wouldn't mind a drink

Would you mind if I changed seats now

It's OK with me if it's OK with you
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