Definition of 仮令 (たとえ)

even if, no matter (what), if, though, although, supposing, supposing that, -ever(usually kana)(often paired with ても, でも, and とも)
Other readings:
Related Kanji
sham, temporary, interim, assumed (name), informal
orders, laws, command, decree, good
vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward
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Even if it should rain, I will start tomorrow

Even if it takes me the whole day, I will do the typing

Even though he is learned, I can't respect him

No matter how long it takes, I will finish the job

I will be friendly to him even if he doesn't like me

Whatever you may say, I don't believe you

Even though it is raining, I don't care at all

There are few, if any, such men

Whoever telephones, tell him I'm out

She paints every day no matter how busy she is

No matter what happens, I won't change my mind

Wherever you may go, you can't succeed without perseverance

I have a watch that is nice, if not new

Even if he is busy, he will come

There is little, if any, hope of his recovery

No amount of money can buy happiness

Even though it is raining, he will play golf

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home

Even if it rains, I'll go swimming tomorrow

I will go even if it rains tomorrow
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