Definition of ソファ



Common word
sofa, couch
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The new sofa goes with the curtains

Somebody has been sleeping on this sofa

This sofa takes too much room

That sofa is less expensive than this table

I opened my eyes to find myself on a sofa

This sofa can seat three people easily

Sit on the sofa and make yourself comfortable

I went into the room, where I found the children sitting on the sofa

She sat on the sofa, reading a magazine

The woman who is sitting on the sofa is my grandmother

The couch is in the foreground next to the table

The cat is sleeping on the sofa

Don't sit down on the sofa

She put the blanket over the child sleeping on the sofa

A cat is lying on the sofa

As he was tired, he was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed

He sprawled out on the sofa next to me

He sat on the sofa with his arms folded

Sit on the sofa and feel at ease
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