Definition of ズボン



Common word
trousers, pants(also written as 洋袴 and 段袋 during the Meiji period)
Example sentences(showing 1-20 of 31 results)

He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt

Please take the pants in a bit

These trousers are dirty

These pants are too fancy for me

My pants are very loose because I've lost much weight

He wore red pants

He put on clean trousers

I bought two pairs of trousers

I put on my trousers

These trousers are made of durable cloth

My mother bought me two pairs of pants last Sunday

What did you do with my pants

These trousers are too large

These trousers need pressing

I ironed out the wrinkles in my pants

My sister presses my trousers

Did he have his trousers pressed

I'd like to have these pants cleaned

I preferred wearing my Hawaiian T-shirt and green shorts to be cool and different, but I quickly got used to the white shirt and black slacks

Your pants reach the floor
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