Definition of ゲーム



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I found the game very exciting

I was playing a game when I felt an earthquake

Tell me how to play the game

I found the game easy

We amused ourselves by playing games

This game can be played by young children

Owing to a bad cold, he could not take part in the game

They stopped their game and stared at me

You will find this game very interesting

We hoped we'd be able to win the game

Whatever game he plays, he always wins

How did the game come out

Whatever game he plays, he always wins

Let me join in the game

He stood up so as to see the game better

That game is easy, once you learn the basic rules

The game added to the fun

Whatever game I play with you, you never win

Beside you, I'm only a beginner at this game

He was an old hand at the game
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