Definition of ガールフレンド



Common word
girl friend, girlfriend
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My friend broke up with his girlfriend and now he wants to go out with me

I enjoyed talking with my girlfriend

Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend

I met your girlfriend

My girlfriend is a good dancer

David has so many girlfriends that he can't remember all of their names

I watched the film named "The Demon's Sacrifice" with my girlfriend yesterday. She was very afraid

I plan to go skiing with my girlfriend

He made his girlfriend go out for a drink with him

Bruce was terribly upset when his girlfriend left him, but he soon got over it

I don't even have a single girlfriend

You'll get into trouble if your girlfriend finds out the truth

He has no girlfriend

He was dumped by his girlfriend

He was accompanied by his girlfriend

She is my girlfriend

He plays at aerobics just to please his girlfriend

Jim is crazy about his girlfriend
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