Definition of っ放し (っぱなし)





keep ...-ing, have been ...-ing, leaving (something) on, leaving (something) still in use(usually kana)(negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)
Other readings:
Related Kanji
set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate
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Unlike birds, which feed and shelter their young, fish abandon their eggs

The baby has been crying for almost ten minutes

He left his books all around the house

Her hands are never still

The baby had been crying for an hour when she found it

Tom always leaves his bicycle dirty

Don't leave the door open

Brian left the door open

Don't leave the bathroom in such a mess

I stood all the way

The door remained closed all day

I hung the laundry out to dry last night and by morning it had frozen hard as a rock

I'm worn out, because I've been standing all day

The other day I noticed I was driving around with the parking brake on. It's a wonder the car could even move

I'm aghast at the lack of manners, common sense and so on and so forth on the net

We are worn out, because we have been uniting all day
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