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Site update


The site has been upgraded to fix some issues with external login services and some touch devices had trouble interacting with the search controls.

Thanks for your patience!

New Common Loanwords study list

Minasan, konnichiwa.

I have added a new Study list, Common Loan words in Katakana. This is mostly comprised of katakana in the various JLPT levels and some other common katakana.

Loanwords can be learnt very quickly due to their familiarity - this is mostly true for english speakers, but loan words have been borrowed from a number of languages. So hopefully this is another fun way to learn Japanese.


Quiz your study lists and JLPT lists


A new feature has been released - Quizes. When viewing a Study or JLPT list you will see a new button 'Start a Quiz', from here you can select how many words you wish to quiz and what level of detail you want to see. It is only for vocabulary lists at the moment with Kanji quizzing coming soon.

Update: You can now quiz your Kanji lists as well, enjoy!

Please leave some feedback if you have any issues or suggestions.

Site accounts and Study lists are live!

Hello everyone!

Update: There was a bug that limited lists to 3 entries, this has been fixed. Mina-san, gomen nasai!

I am happy to announce a major site upgrade. You now have the ability to create an account, from here many new site features will be linked.  For your convenience, you can login via a variety of external login services (Google, Facebook, Twitter) .

The first of these features is the ability to create your own study lists (currently Vocabulary and Kanji). Coming soon will be an update that allow you to drill your study lists or the public JLPT lists as another tool to help you learn more effectively.

Please leave some feedback if you have any issues or suggestions.

New Kanji search feature and JLPT Kanji Lists

NEW! In additional to the original Kanji Radical search, you can now search by Kanji meanings and readings.

Additionally, JLPT Kanji lists are now available for every level from the JLPT Study section.

Site Update: Kanji Stroke Orders


I am happy to release a new site update. When you view Kanji definitions you can now view how to write the Kanji stroke by stroke. You can step through it manually or animate the all strokes.

Please let me know via feedback if you have any issues with this update.

Site update

Hello Learners!

Another site update has been released, resolving some bugs and some enhancements to the Dictionary and Kanji Dictionary pages; minor restyling and there is now more audio available.

As always, Please leave feedback for any requests you may have to improve the site.

JLPT Vocabulary and Site enhancements

A new section, JLPT Study has been added. This section provides general information about the JLPT and vocabulary lists for the various levels.

The dictionary search has been enhanced, where it now promotes common words to appear first in search results, and designates whether the word exists in a JLPT list.

If you are using recent versions of Chrome or Safari browsers you can also speak into the search boxes - Click the microphone icon and give it a try!

Translated Japanese example sentences added

Another feature has been added; when you review a dictionary entry where available, a list of example sentences translated from Japanese to English. If you hover over each Japanese word you will be presented with the definition of the word and information regarding how it was conjugated. You may also click through to the full Dictionary lookup.

Please leave feedback for any requests you may have to improve the site.

Adjective and verb conjugations added

Another update hot of the press, all dictionary entries that conjugate now provide conjugation tables. When searching for words you can also use the conjugated form and the search will break it down to the standard dictionary entry. Have a play and leave some feedback!

Site Updates and new Radical Search

Konnichiwa! Lots of new improvements and features have been added for this update. 

  • The Kanji Dictionary has been implemented as a radical search, where you may search and view Kanji definitions
  • Feedback may now be left on the about page - please leave a note with your thoughts about the existing site and anything you may like added
  • When viewing the dictionary entry for a word, you can now click through to the Kanji definition
  • Dictionary searches are no longer restricted to 100 results and are now paged as required
I hope your enjoy the new updates.

Dictionary Search changes

The dictionary search has been redesigned - it now includes links to the actual dtionary entry and various references found within the definition. The dictionary entry pae will soon be enhanced with conjugation tables and example sentences.

The actual references are mostly empty at the moment - I hope to provide more meaningful content soon.


Site Launch

Welcome to JLearn, we hope for it to become central to your Japanese studies. The site has been under development for 15 months and there are many exciting features that are yet to be brought online.

Upcoming features include: