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English Reference for shi (し)


  1. suffix honorific language Mr
  2. noun clan
  3. honorific language he, him
  4. counter honorific language counter for people
Example sentences
Mr White said to them, "The room will be $30. $10 for each man." Each man gave him $10 and went up to the room
Mr Smith is vulnerable to this kind of criticism
In 1995, Andou received architecture's most prestigious award
Aren't you going to get Mr Tate
It was very considerate of Mr Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday
I arranged the business with Mr Brown
Mr. Brown is in charge of the business in the absence of the manager
The Japanese Parliament today officially elected Ryoutarou Hashimoto as the country's 52nd prime minister
Mr Thompson has been very busy today
Mr White is a man of reason
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