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English Reference for sen (せん)

  1. noun noun (suffix) line, stripe, stria
  2. line (e.g. telephone line), wire
  3. ray (e.g. X-ray), beam
  4. line (e.g. of a railroad), track, route, lane
  5. outline, contours, form
  6. level
  7. division
  8. line (of action), position, approach, policy, principle
  9. impression one leaves, air one gives off
Example sentences
I think you're on the right track
This line is parallel to that
The blue lines on the map represent rivers
Please step back and keep behind the line
This line marks your height
The broad lines on the map correspond to roads
Where is the end of this line
The two lines cross each other at right angles
He drew a straight line with his pencil
These blue lines correspond to airlines
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