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English Reference for jissai (じっさい)

  1. no-adjective adverb noun practicality, practical
  2. reality, actuality, actual conditions
  3. Buddhist term bhutakoti (limit of reality)
Example sentences
If I don't know the table manners, it doesn't really matter
The actual price was lower than I had thought
The actress looks younger than she really is
He looks young, but actually he is over forty
She looks young, but as a matter of fact she is older than you are
As a matter of fact, his lecture was boring
It is the border-line cases that are always in danger: the dignified buildings of the past which may possess no real artistic or historic value, but which people have become sentimentally attached to and have grown to love
Actually, the present method has plenty of room for improvement
As a matter of fact, the owner of this restaurant is a friend of mine
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