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English Reference for koto (こと)

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  1. noun thing, matter
  2. incident, occurrence, event, something serious, trouble, crisis
  3. circumstances, situation, state of affairs
  4. work, business, affair
  5. after an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close to
  6. noun (suffix) nominalizing suffix
  7. pretending to ..., playing make-believe ...
  8. noun noun (suffix) usually kana alias, aka, nickname, alternative name, also known as
Example sentences
With this as background I turn now to an account of the present state of evolutionary biology
Needless to say, health is above wealth
Children should obey their elders, mind you
Explain the following
He who thinks himself already too wise to learn from others will never succeed in doing anything
This boy denied having broken the window
A gentleman would not do such a thing
I bear in mind that misfortunes never come singly
One finding to emerge was that critical features differ between species
Nancy couldn't move the desk herself
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