Definition of マネージャー



Common word
manager (e.g. of a business, an idol, etc.)
in a sports team (esp. at school) someone who does the routine drudge work
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Example sentences(showing 12 results)

The manager suggested that I go with him to the airport

The manager blamed himself for the failure

He objected to the opinion of his manager

The boxing match was completely one-sided, one pug was so badly mauled that his manager had to throw in the sponge

The company president has hired a headhunter to find us a new sales manager

May I introduce our sales manager, Abe

The manager deals with many problems

I want to talk with the manager about the schedule

The manager of the baseball department is 3 people

The manager threw in the towel in defeat and planned how to win the next game

The manager complimented him on his achievement

The obsequious waiter is usually assigned the best table because he always curries favor with his manager and superiors