Definition of ハイキング



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Let's take advantage of the vacation to go on a hike

The weather has been nice all week; it is high time we went on a hike

I went hiking with the group

Let's go hiking this weekend

Not really. I like hiking better than fishing

The hike will take no less than eight hours

We would often go hiking on sunny days

The Isonos would often go hiking

Can I go hiking next Sunday

I went hiking

We are to go on a hike tomorrow

He could not go on the hike because he was ill

Were it clear, we would go on a hike

What do you say to going on a hike next Sunday

He loves to hike in the quiet countryside

It being fine, we went hiking yesterday

For you who love adventure, this kind of hiking will meet your need

It was so nice a day that we went for a hike in the mountains

If I were healthy, I could go on a hike

Were it clear, we would go on a hike
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