Definition of どの様に (どのように)





expression, adverb
how, in what way(usually kana)
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Esq., way, manner, situation, polite suffix
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How can you tell good English from bad English

All are fated to die. However, you can't decide how and when you die

Can you explain how this machine works

The police described how the case would be handled

How did you deal with the matter

How are you getting along

I don't know how to set about the work

I'll ask him how the accident happened

What should we do with people who are very sick or hurt and can't get better

How did you figure out this problem

How do you interpret this poem

What's your opinion with regard to this matter

No one knew how to answer the question

No one can understand how the accident happened

When and how did the incident come about

Isn't there any way to predict how he'll act

How is the discovery related to the progress of science

How did he respond to the news

It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives

I gained a clear picture of how it works
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