Definition of じゃ無いか (じゃないか)




isn't it?(usually kana)
let's ..., why don't we ..., how about we ..., shouldn't we ...(usually kana)(after volitional form of verb)
Related Kanji
nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not
Example sentences(showing 1-20 of 48 results)

Let's get together and talk about old times

Let's get things ready beforehand

Let's close ranks and do something new

Why don't we drop over to see her

Why don't we break off for a while and have some coffee

I say it all the time

I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles

Let's debate with each other about the matter

Let me put this business in your hands

I don't believe you. You're always telling lies

Aren't you pushing it too far

Let's sing this song, shall we

Let's conceal this secret from him

You should have seen yourself, yawning all through the meeting

He proposed that we should play baseball

What does it matter how they bring up their own children

He seems like quite a find

You amuse me

You're wearing your sweater inside out
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