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English Reference for toriaezu (とりあえず)

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adverb usually kana at once, first of all, for the time being, for now
Example sentences
"Well, I guess I'm going to get a driver's license," he answered
You can stay with us for the time being
Let's just try it. Who cares what happens afterward? There's no sense thinking too much about that
I'd stop worrying about it and take some action. The anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than any danger you might face
Ah, well I've bandaged it for the meantime but if that's awkward then it's fine to replace it with a plaster when you get home
"Clean up in front of the shop first." "OK!" "Sprinkle some water out there too.
In any case I just want to make clear that the fact that these are not normal people
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