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English Reference for daigaku (だいがく)

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  1. noun post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc.
  2. abbreviation former central university of Kyoto (established under the ritsuryo system for the training of government administrators)
  3. the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
Example sentences
Our school facilities are inadequate for foreign students
It has been her dream to be a university professor
Where is the registrar's office
Apparently an old friend of mine is going to a university in Osaka in Spring
He married directly after he left the university
No less than 40 percent of students go on to university
For example, I am in a high-level math class that actually gives me college credits for next year
At any rate, I'll go to college after graduating from high school
Due to circumstances, I gave up the idea of going to university
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