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English Reference for kiri (きり)

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  1. noun end, finish, stop
  2. bounds, limits
  3. delivery date (of a futures contract)
  4. finale (of a noh song), end of an act (in joruri or kabuki), final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
  5. suffix counter counter for slices (esp. thick slices), counter for cuts (e.g. fish, meat)
  6. particle usually kana only, just
  7. usually kana since
  8. usually kana remaining (in a particular state)
Example sentences
The moment she was alone, she opened the letter
They talked about nothing but the news in the company
Though 38, he is still dependent on his parents
He has been confined to his bed with illness
She left home five years ago, and has never been heard of since
He always left the problem of this children's education to his wife
I'm tied up with this job recently
He went away from home three years ago, and has never been heard of since
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