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English Reference for shushou (しゅしょう)

noun Prime Minister, Chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), Premier
Example sentences
Gerhard Schroeder is the first German chancellor not to have lived through World War II
It is whispered that the Prime Minister is critically ill
He has come to look like a sly-as-a-fox Premier who uses his position's powers to the fullest extent, to his own advantage
The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow
The prime minister fielded some tough questions at the press conference
While welcoming the firming up of the present government policy to abandon the proposal of the reform bill to the Diet, at the same time some are worried that Prime Minister Koizumi won't clearly state the bill's withdrawal
The Prime Minister signed a trade agreement between the two countries
The conference was presided over by Mr Mori
The premier is likely to resign
After taking a drink of water, the Prime Minister said, "Ask away!
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