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English Reference for jitai (じたい)

  1. noun (suffix) noun itself
  2. noun one's own body, oneself
  3. adverb originally, naturally, by nature, from the start
Example sentences
Although the man's ideas are sound, because he can't express them well, he doesn't have a ghost of a chance of getting them accepted
This medicine is not a poison in itself
It itself that's a cause for celebration but there was one comment that bothers me
Each stage of life is a preparation for the next as well as a complete life in itself
Competition is not bad in itself
The human body has a mysterious power to keep itself healthy and sound
The revolution, in itself, bore no fruit after all
The idea is not in itself a bad one
We do not become good drivers by concentrating on driving as such
Science is a good thing, but it is not an end in itself; it is a means toward an end and that end is human betterment
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