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English Reference for sorekara (それから)

Expression usually kana and then, after that
Example sentences
Trucks came and dumped big stones on the road, then some trucks with little stones, then some trucks with tar and sand, and finally a steam roller came and rolled it all smooth, and the road was done
Pretty soon along came to the village some strangely dressed people who called themselves surveyors; and they surveyed a line in front of my grandmother's little house
She then proceeded to negotiate with her bank
After eight months passed and his broken heart healed, George eventually started dating girls again
He waited for several seconds and opened the door
Every day grandfather and grandmother gave the kitten plenty of milk, and soon the kitten grew nice and plump
Then they fly round to the Indian Ocean and down to Antarctica
Then he got dressed, stuffed his lecture notes into his briefcase, and ran down the stairs
He parted from me saying that he would see me the next day, but I have not heard from him since
He found his key and opened the door
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